I mostly work on gymnosperms, but I also study angiosperm and liverwort families through my collaborations. Below are some examples:

  • Cycads (Cycadales)
cycas ophiolitica

Cycas ophiolitica with a pollen cone from Queensland, Australia (© Nathalie S. Nagalingum)

  • Conifers (Pinophyta)

Callitris pancheri, a cypress tree endemic to New Caledonia (© Fabien Condamine)

  • Lejeuneaceae (tropical epiphytic liverworts)
Lejeunea cavifolia

Lejeunea cavifolia grows on rock and trees (© Hermann Schachner)

  • Orchidaceae (Andean Cymbidieae and Pleurothallidinae)
pleurothallis niesseniae (pleurothallidinae)

A Neotropical epiphyte orchid Pleurothallis niesseniae (© Oscar A. Pérez Escobar)

  • Campanulaceae (Andean centropogonids)

A population of Andean centropogonids (© Laura P. Lagomarsino)


At the top is a picture of a giant lichen found in Mount Humboldt in New Caledonia (© Fabien Condamine).