I mostly work on insects, but I also study other animal groups through my collaborations. Below are some examples:

  • Swallowtail butterflies (Papilionidae)

Papilio machaon sucking on a lavender flower (© Fabien Condamine)

  • Darkling beetles (Tenebrionidae)
  • Other insect groups (Coenagrionidae, Dictyoptera, Dytiscidae, Myrmeleontidae, Noctuidae, Nymphalidae, Silphidae)

A giant stick insect in the moss forest of Mount Humboldt (© Fabien Condamine)

  • Mammals (Mammalia)

A grizzly bear, Ursus arctos, in British Columbia, Canada (© Fabien Condamine)

  • Birds (Aves)
Kagou 04

The kagu, Rhynochetos jubatus, is endemic to New Caledonia (© Fabien Condamine)

  • Non-avian dinosaurs (Dinosauria)

A specimen of Tyrannosaurus rex, nicknamed “Black Beauty” (TMP 1981.006.0001), housed in the Royal Tyrrell Museum (Drumheller, Canada) (© Fabien Condamine)

  • Sharks (Lamniformes)

The basking shark, Cetorhinus maximus, is the second-largest shark (© Greg Skomal)


At the top is a picture of a peripatopsid velvet worm found in New Zealand (© Fabien Condamine).